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We're Live!

Wow. After years of dreaming about my own website and just six sweet months after a RedBull-fueled unnecessary all-nighter where my brain birthed the epiphany that is Affinity for website is finally going live!

Welcome all! Upon launching this site which includes all the affiliated links to my designed products, my Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube vlog are all live as well! Nope, there's not a TON here yet, because just as we grow, our art grows...and I get to share that with you. I hope you will follow me on any or all of these channels and we can share this beautiful journey together.

I hope you take your time and browse around on here! Watch those vlogs that I have poured my heart, oddness, excitement, care, and hopefully what my mom calls my "contagious optimism" into. Comment, like, follow, subscribe--all that stuff that helps me stay connected with you and helps me hear YOUR ideas, feedback, and support-which already feels endless. THANK YOU so much for being HERE!

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