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What put the Serene in Serenity?

I keep finding so many outlets these days, IG, FB, Youtube, are so high-pressure to BE a certain way, to look a certain way, to dress, act, or create a certain way. I guess I just wanted a little bit more outside of that box! My years and years of creating have started helping me to see what kinds of things, art, people, and attitudes I would like to be surrounded by.

So I wanted to also share some of those things with you in hopes that you too might need a little serenity or find a little bit of peace here.

This is an accepting, no-judgement space. A comfy, loving space. A weird, creative space. Hopefully a place where my odd inclinations help you feel like your weird inclinations are totally normal too!

I found myself -and am currently finding myself every day- through art. So I wanted to finally create a place to share that with the world and so, to start off with: here I am, pajamas and all, with my lifelines of plants and crazy un-styled bookshelves because who has that kind of shelf room when there's so many good books to be read??

To give you a run-down of some things you might find here: me (obviously), books and possible ramblings associated with them, plant and succulent collections, so much ART, healing vibes, this ridiculously cute dog who is my meatheaded shadow, maybe some chill music, good energy and how to find it, and who knows what else.

I welcome you to join me, to give sweet feedback, to grow, and to share your knowledge too. Love and light.

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